Companion Service

Our companion service prevents seniors from feeling lonely

We're well aware that elderly seniors begin to develop a sense of loneliness as they age, especially if they are living alone without a partner to fill that void. Our companion service fills two roles. Firstly, companions serve as the much needed friend to your loved one, engaging in conversation and fulfilling the social needs of the individual. Secondly, they provide accompaniment during appointments, activities, and daily tasks to ensure everything goes smoothly and easily.

Horizon companions will assist with phone calls, transportation, and provide reminders for medication and other important matters. In essence, a companion is like a best friend and secretary rolled into one.

Supervise Activities

Our companions help in supervising activities.

Medication Reminder

Our companions help in reminding loved ones about taking medication.


Our companions help your loved ones with transportation.

Appointment Accompaniment

Our companions help accompany your loved ones to appointments.

Phone Calls

Our companions help your loved ones conduct phone calls.


Our companions encourage ongoing conversation with your loved ones.

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